DR What

Sc-fi comedy spoof of the much loved BBC series. The team that produced 'Alice in Wonderbra' now turn their attention to something a little more adventurous

Special thanks to Pixi for the intro and
to Anna Spanner for her interpretation of the theme

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Part Two - The Master holds the 'Secrets of the Universe' in his power and our hero is at his mercy


In part two things get even more dire for the Doctor as the Master's pet dragon enters the action. It seems a change is in order .....

'Doctor What and the Cybermenopause'
is a Kissmet Production
for CKTV in association
with Uber Kinki

Dollzilla action figures will be avaliable from all of the
usual outlets soon. The first 500 coming with a free set of fangs to frighten your friends with

Several members of the
cast including Mr Gilbert and Miss Trap have revealed
that large parts of themselves are fake. Miss
Trap has gone so far as
to admit that her trademark
accent and sense of irony
were purchased online

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