CKTv 2

Here are some more music videos filmed in European locations filmed by Kissmet Productions exclusively for CKTV

Paris 2

If you haven't
heard of Hedwig
'Where have you
been?' she's the
love child of David
Bowie, Tommy and Spinal Tap.
'Hedwig and the
Angry Inch' is one
of the great cult
movies of the 20th


CKTV would like to
thank the very lovely
and extremely talented
Maryanne Kerr for her
efforts on this video

Virgin St 2

Kissmet Productions
in Prague exclusively
for CKTV

A Postcard from paris

During a visit to Paris in 2009 we decided to arrange a lip-synching music video featuring as many of the iconic sights of Paris that we could fit in during a morning's shoot

Wicked little town

Back on virgin street

Nobody home

Kissmet Productions
in Paris exclusively
for CKTV

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This music video was shot in an
exclusive apartment in Eivissa
 and at the Famous Cafe del Moar

The music is a fantastic version of
'Wicked Little Town' from the rock
musical 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and sung by The Breeders

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This film is a tribute to one of the
most fabulous places on the planet,
'Calle de la Virgen' or 'The Street of
Virgins' or 'Boogie Street'

The music is a fantastic atmospheric
song by Leonard Cohen and captures
the feel of this little corner of paradise

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Filmed in the beautiful city of Prague
and featuring an emotional performance
of the Pink Floyd classic 'Nobody Home' by The Mummers

The locations were a pretty courtyard
in a quiet hotel in the centre of the city
and the historic Prague Castle

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