Comedy film based very loosely on the Lewis Carroll Alice books. Alice transforms from slightly dim teenager to totally stupid fantasy figure in this two part adventure, both parts
are featured on this page.

Alice in Wonderbra

Part One - In which Alice discovers a magic book
and loses her kitchen

In 2008 I was asked if I would like to be involved in the production of this short spoof film. The whole thing was originally just pulled together by a group of friends
for fun and should in no way be taken seriously.
The concept is a comedy twist on the old Alice story. The producer has taken great pains to ensure that all aspects of film are original with material by the cast, including the music.

Alice 3

Special thanks to Tiffany Tuesday for the intro and
to Anna Spanner for the music

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Notices and industry reaction to 'Alice In Wonderbra'

Alice 8
Alice 6
Alice 4
Alice 5

Part Two - In which Alice continues her quest and meets a very strange hatter

In the second section of the story we
are introduced to a frantic and rather
confused Hatter and the wonderfully
frightening Red Queen.

Alice 1

'Alice In Wonderbra'
is a Kissmet Production
for CKTV in association
with Uber Kinki

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There are rumours that this little group are now working on their next
presentation so watch this site and the usual press outlets for more
details. However the actress featured as Alice has decided to retire and
we wish her good luck for future projects which we understand will be
more suited to her obvious special talents.